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Welcome to my personal website Mighty Mike Macenko's House Of Swing.
I have been working and having fun with this website for over 20 years. I really do enjoy working on it with designing things and especially putting in information in here about some of the former softball players. I have had the good fortune to play with so many awesome softball players from the past to the present. I really feel as though I was in the right place at the right time over 40 years ago. I tried to take full advantage of it once I knew what it could lead to...That was to play softball on a regular basis against the best ball players there was in the USA.. It all started in Cleveland, Ohio and led to so many things in my life. The most important one was meating my wife Antoinette... That alone helped lead me in the right direction to have a family and a solid homefront for my family...

Antoinette was such a great athlete she could anything she wanted to. I use to ask her if she would pitch batting practice to me when I needed to take my swings. I was a firm believer all the time, that you needed to really work on the swing to perfect it to where it seemed automatic everytime I stepped in the box... She was the driving force behind me when I might get tired or disgusted with the game... Antoinette was the one who said get out there and get it done... Without her drive there is no telling what would have happened... All I know is that I am glad that she was tougher than me.... So now at 67 years old I can sit back and we tell stories about all of our adventures playing and traveling across America to play slo-pitch softball...

I hope you will enjoy some of the things I will talk about in the web site and enjoy all of the photos and Interviews I have done with some of the All Time Greats..I kept a lot of the articles or information about our teams because I had the funny feeling it might become important at some time after softball... Once again Jerome Ernest had a lot to do with that by the way he promoted this great game.. It was definitely a group effort on the things we accomplished while playing this fantastic game called Big Time Softball!...

25 Years Ago


  The link above, Reach Custom Clothing is something that some of the committe for the 2024 Softball Reunion has put together to help with the event.  

January 31 - February 5..... ISSA/WBSC World Tournament of Champions, Tampa Bay Area, FL
June 2 - June 11..... Great Smoky Mountain Senior Classic, Maryville/Knoxville , TN
June 20-25, 2023...... WBSC SENIOR WORLD CUP - Ring Tournament.. Roanoke Valley, VA
July 12-16, 2023 2023 USA Softball Senior National Championships   ... Burlington, NC
August 9-13, 2023..XXIX ISSA World Championships - Ring Tournament..Richmond, Virginia USA
August 23-27, 2023... ISSA Pic-O-Dixie Senior Classic - Ring Tournament... Chattanooga, TN & Dalton, GA


I have put together information of some of the early Big Time Softball teams. You can read about some of the Big Time Sponors in the late 1970's and 1980's... Photos of a lot of the players back then..
Hope you enjoy!

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