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Welcome to my personal web site Mighty Mike Macenko's House Of Swing. I have been working and having fun with this web site for over 20 years. I really do enjoy working on it with designing things and especially putting in information in here about some of the former softball players I have had the good fortune to play with. I really feel as though I was in the right place at the right time over 40 years ago.

I was lucky enough to play softball with my best friends from Brook Park, Ohio and once I went to one event it was like going from the slow lane into the high speed lane. A very good friend of mine (Tom Coyne) introduced me into the softball arena in Cleveland, Ohio and that is where it took off. People wonder how long it took to get to the top of Big Time Softball. For me it was kind of easy because I had a great swing at an early age... So with a great swing and the right work ethic I had a great start to this game. Also because of the people I was involved with I was able to start at the top and stay there ever since I was 17 years old...

Another good friend named Jim Brown convinced me to go to the tryouts for Tom Coyne's team called Brook Park Merchants. ...I went to a Home Run Derby n Lakewood, Ohio that Tom put me in and it was for the Championship of Greater Cleveland Slow Pitch Softball... I did not know what this was going to be like but I took full advantage of it and hit like there was no tomorrow... Just swinging away!

My name Mike Macenko, is a name that is recognized from all around the world when it comes to slo-pitch softball. I can be your softball consultant when it comes to selling, buying or playing slo-pitch softball. After my stellar career hitting close to 7000 home runs playing slo-pitch softball, I started to promote the game after playing it for over 27 years.

I have had the good fortune to work with the big name companies in the business. From working with Steele's Sports Co. to the top of the mountain with Nike Inc. I have also had the chance to work with Louisville Slugger, Combat Bats, Anaconda Sports and now with Miken Sports that has my signature on one of their best Senior Softball bats. The latest edition of the Miken Big Cat is called the Miken Ultra Fusion Supermax Big Cat Endload Edition..... There is 4 models of the Miken Ultra Fusion.... They are the Supermax-Big Cat, Maxload - Jason Kendrick, Mike Dill - Balanced, and Johnny Bailey, 12 Inch Maxload. Miken/Worth has two new Worth Senior Softball bats also. The AT-18 and the Marauder. Both are signature series bats. Alan Tanner's AT-18, and the Marauder has Bob O'Brien, Chris Walker, and Dal Beggs names on them...

I feel the Miken softball bats are the best in the business. They have been the Benchmark of bats since Composite softball bats took over the industry. They have designers who have been in the bat developing business for over 35 years. Between the Worth Slow Pitch Co. and the Miken Sports Co. you can not go wrong...So when you are looking for your next softball weapon make sure and and check with me as too what bat is the best in the business for whatever association you are playing.

I now I sell softballs for Worth Sports Company as an National Sales Rep. I can help you with all of your softball needs. So don't hesitate to surf Big Cat's Miken/Worth Sports Co. softball pages that he has in this web site to see what Worth has to offer in slo-pitch softball. . You can contact Mighty Mike any time from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday at his office at the phone number 330-419-0205.

Whether you are a league director or run different association tourneys on the weekend you can call Mighty Mike for pricing on softballs. We have them all in stock.................Hope to hear from you sometime soon.....Have a great day.


To Enter Call Mike Macenko at 330-419-0205 

February 3, 2022...... ISSA/WBSC World Tournament of Champions, Plant City, FL  
June 3-12.2022................(W) (R) (D) Great Smoky Mountain Senior Classic, Maryville/Knoxville , TN
June 22-26 2022................(R)(W) 19th Annual WBSC Senior World Cup, Roanoke Valley, VA
July 13-17 2022.................(W) (D) USA Softball Senior National Championships, Burlington, NC

August 5-7 2022................(D) USA-Canada Senior Border Battle, Grand Rapids, MI

August 10-14 2022............(R) (W) (D) 27th Annual ISSA World Championships, Richmond, VA
October 15, 2022 ISSA U.S. Open National Champiosnhip Myrtle Beach, S.C. - Championship  


Front Row: Left to right-Terry Perryman-Ernie Montgomery-Dave neale Sr.-Joe Foley-Danny Williams
Second Row-Rik Lucas-Billy Blake-John Grissolm-Mike M-Rick Weiterman-Gary Shuba
Back Row:Dan Schuck-Scott Virkus-Monty Tucker-Dirk Androff-Todd joerling-Greg Schulte
Taken at ASA Stadium Complex, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1990

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