Many times during a softball game of ball is hit takes off like a rocket, but before it reaches the outfield fence it suddenly loses its upward flight, and quickly descends into an opponent's glove. This is an occurrence that has happened to every player at one time or another, and is very frustrating. Another example is a ball struck extremely hard, but after it leaves the infield on its way to the outfield, it begins to dance in midair. This is called a knuckleball In each case, you as a hitter did many things right or you would not hit the ball so hard. Hopefully after reading this article, you will learn techniques and able in you to get your ball farther.

First of all, every player should know their limitations and be realistic. if you are a successful base hitter 600 and above average with occasional power, there is no reason to want to hit the ball a long way. You are a valuable player for your team and should not want to change your hitting style. If you are, for example, 5 foot eight, 150 pounds., You are probably physically unable to hit the ball very far, so you should concentrate on hitting line drives to all fields, thus maintaining a high average. If neither one of these examples that you as a player, and you have the ability to hit the ball a long way than these techniques should help you tremendously!

1. In your palms. This will limit your bat speed, at the point of contact

2. Hold the bat and your fingers as if you were gripping a golf club. At the same time, you can also drop your little finger off your bottom hand off the bat. This can also enhance your bat speed. By holding the bat in your fingers rather than your palms, you will create much more bat speed. obviously the faster the bat hits the ball the farther it will go.

3. After doing this, make sure you light up your knuckles at the point of contact, by having your knuckles lined up, you will cut the ball, thus creating understand. When the ball is hit hard, and has good understand. Visualize an airplane taking off then compare that to a boil which seems to keep climbing and climbing. In both instances the visualized object and not go straight up. Instead it took off with authority, and gradually increased in height.

4. When you step in a box, always step in with your momentum and hitting the ball starts with the push of your back leg. Before you start your swing, 60 to 70% of your weight should be felt on your back leg. When the swing begins to take place, the weight distribution changes from your back leg to your front leg, thus creating momentum in hitting a ball. This momentum from your legs helps to drive the ball to the maximum distance.

5. Knowing your power zone is critical. Hitting a strike in the area of your waist to chest usually results in maximum distance with all these techniques are done correctly. Hitting a long ball when the pictures shown below is very possible. You will find that the other zone will result in more consistent long balls though.

6. The point of contact is essential in getting maximum distance. When you make contact, and your arms are not fully extended, the ball will not travel as far as you desire it It is very important to get fully extended when you're bat strikes the ball.

Let's go back to what we discussed earlier in the article. started out good, but then suddenly turned over and began to go down was because of one of two reasons. You need to focus on hitting just below the middle the ball. In this case the ball was probably struck on the top half which usually resulted in overspend. Overspend causes the ball to turn over and go down, understand which makes it go up. Another possibility could have been the knuckles not being lined up at the point of contact. This causes the top hand the rollover to quick resulting in poor spin on the ball. Remember, lining the knuckles up enables you to cut the ball understand.

The reason why the knuckleball was hit is simple. When a ball is hit hard and right in the middle, it does not spin either way, and thus knuckles in the air. Not many knuckleball's are hit very far! This can be avoided by using the techniques discussed in the article. Of course all of these techniques mean nothing unless you work on them several times. Adding practice is the only way to improve on these techniques. Which more and more repetitions you will consistently hit the ball with not only could spend, but authority as well. Even you will be amazed how far you hit the ball!


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