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I want to say Thank You for stopping by the House Of Swing. I have spent many hours maintaining this web site for the last 18 years.It has been on the Internet since 1998. I have done all of the designing myself which is not professional but I enjoy writing and promoting this great game called slo-pitch softball. I quit playing competitively 20 years ago after the 1997 season. I felt like I had played long enough and had made my mark. So after playing ball for the majority of my career with Dave Neale I felt it was time to step back, as I had played and worked for Steele's since 1983.

I now had a family to think about and so at 41 I decided it was time to hang up the spikes. My family supported me all those years of being away from home so now it was time for me to give back. The first thing I did was take advantage of a great opportunity when Nike decided to get into the softball and baseball arena. I was very fortunate to get hired by Nike to help get their softball program launched . Once I stepped down from playing and was working for Nike trying to promote their new products I felt like I had made the right move by leaving the game. In 1999 I came back and played half a season with R&D Nike after I sponsored their team with great Nike equipment. I didn't finish out the season because of business.

I played again in 2000 with the Budweiser team out of Houston. I helped them qualify for all of the Nationals that year and did not make it down to any of them due to opening a family business. So that was it for Big Time Ball. I have since moved into the Senior division of softball and play sometimes locally.

By stopping by my site I would like to tell you a little bit about my softball career and the Steele's softball team. I would like to talk about some of the players I played with or against. I played Big Time Softball for over 25 years on some of the best softball teams of all time. I also feel very fortunate to have played during the years that I did. I believe softball was a great spectator sport that drew tons of people to come out and watch the great game during the 70's, 80's, and 90's. . I was blessed to be able to play softball in every state except Alaska. I was able to do that playing with the Men Of Steele's softball team.

I remember putting on a Home Run Hitting exhibition in the minor league stadium in Vancouver, B.C., on a Friday night. We came in and hit right after the Minor league game. There was 3500 people there and the next morning we caught a Cruise ship over to the Island called Victoria and played in front of 2500 people there. We definitely traveled fast and hard. We would get right out of the vans and start playing. I loved playing in front of the huge crowds everywhere we went.

Our whole purpose was to win softball games and sell Steele's Sports Softball product at the same time. Our team was our way of promoting the Steele's Sports Products. Our players were like walking bill boards because of the size of the players. We would sell more bats and balls by hitting more Home Runs. That is the way it was. I would like to share some ideas on hitting and trying to improve your game. I talk about everything from hitting and fielding to weight training and supplements. What are some of the ones that I take to achieve that maximum level If you have any questions you can go to my contact page and send in a question.............. Happy Surfing....

Updated 2017

As we enter the 2017 season the game is changing everyday. When the bat manufacturers were trying to develope softball bats in the early 1970's little did they know that with about 30 years of technology we would be able to produce the perfect softball bat. What I mean by that is it took 30 years of technology to develope a bat where everyone can hit a home run. Size really doesn't matter that much today like it did in the old days. A lot of the softball players today are built for the way the game is played today. You need to be real fast to play the outfield to cover a lot of ground because of the 3 man outfield. If you play in the infield you need to have great quick hands. The ball is coming off of the bat a whole lot faster today than it did back in the 80's. So with that the rules have changed over the years and the complete ball player is what is ruling the softball world. Back in the 70's, 80's and 90's you could get away with big players playing certain spots on the field because the name of the game was the home run. It was easier and quicker to hit 4 home runs in row versus hitting 3 singles to set up the grand slam.

In Yesteryear softball if you didn't hit a home run you usually didn't try for a double because the next batter was going to try and hit the ball out. There were no home run limits back then and that was the way the game was played. You did have your complete ball players like Dennis Graser and Mike Nye's that would go for every extra base hit they could because that was the way they played the game. On the other hand you would have the player that if he didn't hit a home run every time up he would get pissed off. I saw Craig Elliott hit 9 screaming line drives in a row all for base hits. He was 9 for 9 and was really upset. I said to him, "hey big man what's the matter?" He said "hell if I want to hit singles I should stay home. I come here to hit home runs and that was it." You see where I am coming from!

That is why I said today it is a totally different game. I understand when people say that the yesteryear game takes too long, or it is boring. I never felt that way because I worked at something to perfect it and I couldn't wait to bat again and again. Could I play today with the way rules are in the upper level. I don't know. I didn't have to so I don't look at it like that. I look at softball this way. To be a winner you have to play by the rules and if you play by the rules you got a pretty good chance of winning. So to be able to play softball on any level today you need to be able to base hit and play excellent defense. . Your top notch players today can all hit for average. When you see a big guy like Ryan Harvey or Greg Connell shooting the ball in the wholes or in the gaps when the home runs are up is quite impressive . Could today's players play way back when. Oh yeah. For sure. The only thing was that the home run became the way of the game and if you couldn't hit the long ball you had a hard time getting on some of the top teams in the country.

I asked my coach Mr Neale one time while having breakfast. I said "do you think we created a monster by hitting all of those home runs?" He said "No." His response was he thought that maybe we made the mistake playing with the poly core balls. See, before the poly cores became so popular we played with cork. You would usually play a league game or even a tournament game with 2 brand new balls and one used one. We hit Dudley SB12's and Hardwood. I know for a fact that when the game would start if the Hardwood got fouled off somewhere nobody would go after it. We would rather play with a used Dudley. Even in the 7th inning you could still compress the balls and they would still go. So today we play with hard poly cores because we want them to stay hard the whole game. Yes the game has changed....

Ray Demarini had a big hand in the development of the high tech bat era. The old aluminum softball bats that were made out of CU-31 and C-405 were great bats back in the day. Yes we hit good balls with them but the sweet spot was considerably small compared to the first double wall bats that Ray developed. Once the double wall bat hit the market the sweet spot became much larger creating a forgiveness to enhance the sweet spot. With double wall bats they would get smashed but would still play unbelievable with dents in the barrel. I actually asked Ray Demarini if he wanted to make the double wall bat for Nike when I was working for them and he said HELL YES!! But to my sadness Nike decidedagainst that and Nike really never got it's feet on theground for high end softball. They were the best at promoting the game and providing winner packages for the tourneys I worked.They were first class all the way. All the Companies I worked for were all first class. Like I said I was most appreciative for what some of them did for me..

The Nike Air Storm that Bombat made was a great bat but the manufacturer of the bat could not get past the quality control issues to produce that first rate bat on a regular basis.. The bat was a first rate bat and I felt that they were really hot. So Nike decided to go the low end route and develope softball bats for the rec player. I give Nike credit because they did not quit completely and still produced some bats for collegiate baseball as well as women's collegiate fast pitch programs. There was some quality control issues developing their bats and they decided to quit that program.

Since the year 2000 all of the manufacturers are really after the bat market with the introduction of composite softball and baseball bats. As I said before the game is constantly changing and you have to be able to play by the rules. Good Luck.......

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