Players Left To Right. Back Row: Rick Scherr, Stan Harvey*, Al White*, Tom Beall*, Dennis Meyers, Greg Furhman*
Bottom Row: Larry Garrard, John Geckle, Denny Jones, Mike Cellura, Elby Bushong. Deceased*Bottom Row


tIn this group of players, is your All Tourney Team that were involved in the 1981 NSPC tournament that was held at Rickwood Stadium. It is one of the oldest stadiums in the country. Campbell's Carpets won this event and outfielder Mike Cellura was voted the Most Valuable Player. All Mike did was hit (15-17, .882, 5 HRs. The tourney was played with a 315 temporary fence but there were a few home runs that were hit completely out of Stadium. Bruce Meade hit one that made it over the centerfield fence that was measured at 402. I believe we were using the Dave Carroll cork softball for this event. Al White who was in the top row of this photo led the event with 10 home runs. Bruce Meade who is not pictured led the tournament with a 11 for 12 performance good for a .917 average. This was one of the three tournaments that year that Campbell's won for the Triple Crown.ys




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